The Benefits of Owning a Helix Flight Forming Machine...

Conventional Technology Helix Flight Technology
TRUE-Form helices Not true form - need significant amount of re-work to fit onto the shaft True Form helices everytime. No Re-work required.
Welding Joints Overlapped, or improper welding joints because of inconsistencies in the Non-True Formed helices Consistent uniformity in the joints because of the True Form helices
Helix Quality Lack of uniformity
Low-Quality helices due to continuous metal deformation
Impeccable cut-to-fit
- Flanges are consistently perpendicular (90 degree angled) to the shaft
- Uniform Pitch Angle
Blank Cut Design Mostly, a completely straightforward, repeat process The precision and fully-automatic calculations are based upon extremely complex mathematical equations and formulas to exact the perfect finish
Job Flexibility Limitations created by the OD and required pitch specific forming Complete freedom; ultra-flexible machine with 0.01mm fractional adjustments
Production Costs High Constantly Low
Material Flexibility Limited Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Hardox, Abrasion Resistant materials, Bisalloy, etc.
Training Training time is always high, needs a highly-skilled operator to manage the process, most often 4 to 6 months of intensive training required Only 2 to 3 days of training required. Any person with a bare minimum of engineering knowledge and experience can be quickly and easily trained to be fully competent and highly productive
Repairs/Maintenance Requirements Frequent and Substantial Infrequent and Minimal
Online Diagnostics None Advanced, constantly upgraded and enhanced online diagnosis
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