Blank Cut Design Manager (BCDM) software...

As an important part of our ongoing support for our machine owning clients, we offer an online software package which helps with the design of blanks for use in our machines.

Blank Cut Design Manager (BCDM) is a specific design software that allows for the prediction of perfect helix flight blanks, this is to ensure the Helix Forming Machine produces perfectly-sized helices for their accurate fit-up to the precise post-forming tolerances.

BCDM’s principal use is for the most accurate prediction of stretch during the forming of helices, which is a highly complex mathematical equation that depends upon the five variables D,d,P,T and Grade of material being used.

BCDM software is used to produce both a job record print out, and to download a specially formatted .dxf file compatible for profile cutting machines. The .dxf file can be saved for future use.

BCDM software incorporates significant versatility to cope with a wide range of variables and specialist requirements, such as round and square centres, variable diameters and pitch thicknesses, right and left-hand side forming, tapered perimeter, tapers for cones, shafts, notches, teeth, legs, cant angles, and many other unique needs too.

The BCDM software is highly intuitive and takes a minimal amount of time to learn how to use it and obtain the most from its functions. Training to become fully competent in its use typically takes less than an hour. There is a built-in tutorial for a clear explanation of all the available functions.

Currently the primary parameters are as follows:

  • Round or Square centres
  • Variable diameter 50mm to 2,500mm
  • Variable thickness 2mm to 40mm
  • Right or Left-hand Forming
  • Tapered OD or ID
  • Notched, or Toothed types of Helix OD’s
  • Partially square-sided Helix OD’s
  • Internal legged (vane) helices with angled or parallel-sided legs
  • Calculation of Kerf or coverage over 360 degrees and the option to use, or cut, 1,500mm
  • Variety of Materials
  • Variable Pitch
  • Weight calculation
  • Output is via .dxl file for Flight Blank Cutting Machines

Our intention is to continually develop our BCDM software. We run a continuous Research & Development programme adding new features to meet the varying needs of our clients.
All of our machine owning customers have access to the most up-to-date version of the BCDM software. We often deliver Research & Development sessions for our clients.

We encourage our customers to have proactive input into our ongoing market driven developments, especially for our continuously evolving BCDM software.

Potential customers should contact us to discuss their specific requirements in detail, and we'll assist by investigating and trialling solutions for their individual, or specific needs. We're always interested in new concepts for development, no matter how challenging they may seem at the time, we most often find a solution to exceed expectations.

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