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Perfect edge-to-edge alignment and perfect fit-up to the shaft!

True Form Helices

Helix Flight Forming Machines are globally recognised for producing consistent True Form Helices. This is a critical factor in ensuring that the manufactured Helices are precision-made, and highly accurate to ensure that they fit-up snugly, and with ease onto the shaft. Equally as important, is when it comes to joining the Helices together edge-to-edge, in a continuous run, where it becomes vital to produce a perfectly consistent alignment.

Helix Flight's machines produce Helices that are manufactured to exceptionally high-quality standards, and which are also known to be highly-accurate. Therefore, they don't require the added inconvenience and extra time used for re-working, with the need for tabs being pre-cut into the blank. All of these extra requirements add up due to the need for extra labour costs to cover the additional time taken for preparation, grinding and polishing. Of course, this has a knock-on effect to client relations, as these increased costs are handed-on for the client to absorb; and then, when the Helices are compared, it's clear to see that the client ends up paying more, for a product that is of inferior quality.

The main characteristics of a True Form Helix are...

The Helix flange is positioned at 90 degrees to the shaft,
and the Helices internal edges are parallel to the shaft.
Forming a consistent, uniform, perfect Pitch angle.

The benefits of producing True Form Helices...

An accurate fit-up to the shaft for much quicker, efficient handling. Helix Flight's machines should click into position on the specified shaft in a tight and efficient manner, without any secondary processes such as grinding or cutting being necessary.

The uniformity of the weld procedure, to maintain consistency, is critical to the "robotic welding process", and these factors are vital in manual welding operations too.

Flush edge-to-edge joins are vital too... When the Helices internal edges are not parallel to the shaft it results in significant variations to the size and shape of the weld root. This problem produces inconsistency in the characteristics of the material being formed, weaknesses in the jointing, and unavoidably, a poor quality weld.

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