True Form Helix

Helix Flight machines are known for producing consistent true form helices and it is critical that helices are consistent so they can fit up on shaft easily and edge to edge alignment is accurate so it does not require rework and saves fit up costs.

The main characteristics of a true form helix are

  • Helix flange would be perpendicular to the shaft,
  • Helix internal edges parallel to the shaft,
  • A uniform pitch angle.

Benefits of true form helices

  • An accurate fit to the shaft for efficient handling - the helix flight should click into position on the specified shaft in a tight and efficient manner, without any secondary processes such as grinding or cutting.
  • Uniformity of weld procedure- consistency is critical to "robotic welding processes" and is also very important in manual operations.
  • Flush edge to edge joins – if helix internal edge is not parallel to shaft, it can result in a significant variation in the weld root and therefore the consistency and the quality of weld can be effected.
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