Forming Sectional Helices

The second part of the overall equation in producing a Sectional Helix involves the forming of the blank into a Helix through the use of our innovative technology.

These State-of-the-Art, safe-to-operate machines, make the process swift, safe, simple, and seamless for the operator.

It involves a swift machine set-up with tools, then straight onto the production part of forming the Sectional Helix and checking the perfect fit-up onto the shaft which is being used for the project application.

Any fine adjustments can now be made swiftly and simply, and it takes only a few more seconds to adapt for the specific steel grade that is being used on the day. There should be no throw-away items due to the BCDM software providing the correct blank cut from the outset; plus, the ability of the machine to flexibly adjust the pitch up or down with amazing precision to meet the exact specifications of the job-in-hand. This also ensures that an accurate fit-up is not only flush to the shaft, but is also aligned to meet each of the Helix's jointing edges, making a perfect seal where required.

Helix Flight provides a complete solution, with our BCDM software providing the precise prediction through complex mathematical formulas to present the blank for profiling and subsequent forming in one of our machines. Also, the range and variety of material options that can be processed, with left and right-hand forming plates ...And, of course, the ultimate Helix Flight Forming Machine from the range available (which is continually expanding) continuously and consistently produces accurate True Form Helices.

We are always pleased to discuss your requirements, and are sure to have the perfect solution to give your business the competitive edge using our world-leading technology, together with the excellence in standards of finish that we stand by for all our customers, together with our ongoing support and updates across all elements of customer service and online back-up.

We don't just sell and supply Helix Forming machines... Our intention and focus is on forming genuine, partner relationships with our customers ...for the entire life of the machine!

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