Cold-Forming Abrasion Resistant (AR) materials, and Hardox 500 HB

Cold-Forming Abrasion Resistant (AR) materials, and Hardox 500 HB

There is an ever-continuing growth in the use of Abrasion Resistant (AR) materials; and in the use of Hardox 500 HB (TUF) range of extremely hard-wearing materials; plus, others modern, futuristic materials like Creusabro 8000, and other similar types of extremely robust AR materials.

Being able to cold-form these hard materials without having to pre-heat (anneal) the material to form it into a helix is a huge advantage because it avoids causing unnecessary degradation or compound changes which affect the original (critical) material performance characteristics.

Helix Flight Manufacturing Machine's cold-forming operation and the technologies used in that process guarantee that helices produced in any chosen material, always retain the original, and vital, material performance characteristics.

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