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Blank Cut Design Manager Software

Blank Cut Design manager is a specific designed software that allows for the design of perfect helix flight blanks, then production of perfect helix flights every time. Once designed, the helix flight blank cut design can be delivered to your cutting department, or your blank cut supplier, via DXL file. It can also be saved for later use. BCDM software is capable of designing round and square centres, variable dia and pith thickness, right and left hand side, tapered OD and ID, Notches, Legs etc.

The software is very intuitive and takes very little time to learn how to use. Helix Flight blank specifications can be input within minutes after less than 2 days training.  Our intention is to continually develop an increasingly flexible flight blank design program which allows companies to design sectional helix flights based on their actual and changing needs. We welcome input from our customers for ongoing market driven developments to our software. Potential customers can contact us to discuss their requirements in detail.


Currently the main parameters are:
•    Round or square centers
•    Variable diameter 50mm to 2500mm
•    Variable thickness 2mm to 40 mm
•    Right or left hand
•    Tapered OD or ID
•    Notched, or tooth type helix OD’s
•    Partially square sided helix OD’s
•    Internal legged (vane) helices with parallel sided legs or angled
•    Calculation of kerf or coverage over 360 degrees and option to use or cut 1500mm
•    Variety of materials
•    Variable pitch
•    Weight calculation
•    Output via DXL file for Flight Blank cutting machines

Here are some example outputs demonstrating software flexibility:

Simple Helix Flights

simple helix

Square Centered Helix Flights

square centers

Tapered Helix Flights

tapered helix flights

Very Complex Helix Flights

complex helix

Screw Flight Design - Calculation program - Square Center helices

Auger Flight Design - Calculation program, Helix with Notches

Auger flight design, tapered helices, blank cut calculation program

Auger Flight Design - Calculation Program

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